“God loves a cheerful giver”

2 Corinthians 9:7


Caritas Manila, Inc.

For proper acknowledgment of your donations, kindly fax a copy of the deposit slip to 8563-9306 or email a scanned copy to [email protected] Please indicate your name and address. For more inquiries, you may call 8562 0020 to 25 local 118, 135, or 0967.276.4806 (Globe) or 0938.059.4829 (TNT).


Caritas Manila partners with companies and corporations that share our commitment to
building a spirit-led community free of poverty, committed to love for the common good.
Join our pool of faith-rooted and love-driven corporate partners and get in touch with our
Partnerships and Events Team at [email protected] or 8562
0020 to 25 local 118/135.

Do you want to help those in need but don’t know how? Here are some ideas on how you can share your blessings through Caritas Manila.
For more information, get in touch with our Stewardship Division Head at [email protected] or 8562 0020 to 25 local 118.


Save to save others

We usually have the good habit of saving money for ourselves so we can have something tucked away that we can use in times of emergency. Through the Can of Charity project, Caritas Manila calls on the faithful to also develop the better habit o saving money, both bills and coins, for the needs of the least fortunate in our communities.

Through this project, we deploy the cans of charity to individuals and partner establishments (e.g. groceries, banks, companies, schools). For partner commercial establishments, we ask that they place our cans in strategic spots so everyone who comes and goes in their office or store can easily drop their donations.

For companies and schools, this can be a good values-development program where we can cultivate among employees and students the values of mercy, generosity, and compassion by encouraging them to adopt a can. By letting them take the can home, we also help in cultivating those same values in the family.
For individuals, this is an easy, less pressured, and more affordable way of helping out to those in need.

Once the cans are filled-up (usually in a span of 3 months or less, hopefully in a cycle of 4 times a year), our authorized representatives will retrieve and replace the cans.

How much should the cans contain to make a difference? Ideally, each drop can contain at least 350 pesos to make an impact on any of our pro-
poor programs. To give you an idea, a can filled to the brim with 5 cent coins would only amount to Php 87.50. This is the reason why we encourage our partners to drop both coins and bills in our cans.

Get in touch with our Can of Charity team at 8562 0020 to 25 local 138.


With at least a quarter of our population still living below the poverty line, Caritas Manila needs your help to make the Lord’s love and hope felt to the least, the last, and the lost in our communities.

An individual, business, community, barkada, or organization who believes in Caritas Manila’s vision and would like to support its cause but without the monetary resources yet can still help Caritas Manila by organizing their fundraising activities. It can be an event, a project, or a sale led and organized by you with a little guidance from Caritas Manila staff.

Examples of fundraisers you can organize are the following:
• A bake sale, lugaw-for-a-cause, or cook-off for Caritas Manila
• Organize events like film showings, concerts, fun run, etc.
• In lieu of gifts during birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other milestone

celebrations, request that a donation be made instead for Caritas Manila Raising money to support the programs of Caritas Manila is not the only help you give when you organize your fundraiser. Through your efforts, you help build awareness of Caritas Manila and the ways the Church is helping the poor help themselves to your circle of families and friends. In the process, you also help change mindsets and attitudes and inspire people to take up stewardship as a way of life.

When you choose to plan a fundraiser, you also have the opportunity to incorporate your interests and creativity. We encourage you to make your fundraisers distinctly you and have fun in the process of sharing yourself and helping others.

Although Caritas Manila Ambassadors’ fundraising activities are typically organized with little involvement from our staff, we can still help out by providing the following to your
fundraising activities:
• Caritas Manila roll-up tarps
• Brochures
• Social media support
• Help you sell tickets to our donors and volunteers
• Attend your event for documentation and donation turnover
• Attend your event to make a presentation about Caritas Manila

For more information, get in touch with our Stewardship Division Head at
[email protected] or 8562 0020 to 25 local 118.