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Church of the Poor

caritas manila – church of the poor

Caritas Manila is a non-profit organization that serves as the lead social service and development ministry of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. The organization is geared towards total human development, poverty alleviation and the creation of a Christian community with a strong social conscience.

It serves the 13 vicariates of the Archdiocese of Manila and acts as a catalyst for capacity-building and networking for five other Metro Manila dioceses.

First known as Catholic Charities, Caritas Manila was established by the late Manila Archbishop Rufino Cardinal Santos on October 1, 1953 as a social welfare program “for uplifting the spirit and soul of the unfortunate members of our community, to assist them in all their needs, and to bring the help of God in their miseries and distress.”

board members

Structure of Governance

  1. His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, DD – Chairman
  2. Mr. Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr. – Vice Chairman
  3. Fr. Gilbert Kabigting – Treasurer
  1. His Excellency Most Reverend Pablo Virgilio S. David, DD
  2. His Excellency Most Reverend Jesse E. Mercado, DD
  3. His Excellency Most Reverend Honesto F. Ongtioco, DD
  4. His Excellency Most Reverend Roberto O. Gaa, DD
  5. His Excellency Most Reverend Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, DD
  6. Atty. Gizela Gonzalez-Montinola
  7. Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan
  8. Ambassador Jesus P. Tambunting
  9. Mr. Fernando Zobel de Ayala
  10. Fr. Anton C.T. Pascual – Executive Director

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