Project SUCCESS:Caritas Damayan and CRS Part


Caritas DAMAYAN, Caritas Manila’s disaster risk reduction and management program, has an ongoing project with Catholic Relief Services, to strengthen the preparedness and capacity-building of communities,. Project SUCCESS (Strengthening Urban Communities’ Capacity to Endure Severe Shocks) targets 43,200 poor individuals (7,200 households) in 15 high-risk, flood-prone barangays in and around Metro Manila. This project aims to increase the resilience of flood-prone barangays.

Caritas Manila is one of the implementing partners of Project SUCCESS. Site for this project is based in Brgy. 649 Baseco, Tondo, (Nuestra Sra. De Gracia Chapel and San Juan Bautista Chapel). Project SUCCESS covers 4 areas: Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) Plans, Solid Waste Management, Savings, and Livelihood. It provides training and support to barangay for participatory DRRM planning and implementation. It includes community mobilization for gender-responsive risk and hazard analysis and mapping. Early Warning Systems (EWS) improvements include providing community grants for implementation of resilience-building projects such as flood-resilient infrastructure, clearing of channels, and improvements to evacuation centers. It encourages youth and civil society-led waterway and community clean-ups, Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) and mass awareness-raising about DRRM, and the importance of solid waste management (SWM) for clear waterways and reduced flood-related risks. It also provides support to barangay SWM systems, livelihood development, especially for women in risk areas enabling them to cover their needs during flood.