Caritas Damayan

DRRMP (Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Program)

DISASTER RISK REDUCTION AND MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – Caritas Manila has put in place a disaster management program that allows for quick response relief operation and effective crisis intervention.
At the heart of this program are the donors and volunteers who are pressed into action during times of crisis and calamity. CM utilizes the Church’s network of parishes, priest, social action centers, schools and volunteers to bring aid and assistance directly to affected areas and families.
The 3 phases of CARITAS DAMAYAN

  • PREVENTION PHASE (PRE-DISASTER) – To increase the safety factors of a community, Caritas Damayan promotes capacity building and enhancing the knowledge and skills of the members and leaders in the community. Training and seminars on DRRM, Health, and the environment are conducted. To further strengthen a community, its members are given further assistance through the other Caritas social services and development programs like livelihood, preventive health, and nutrition.
  • RESPONSE PHASE (DURING DISASTER) – In the event of calamity, time is key. Caritas Damayan activates emergency relief, emergency feeding, evacuation assistance and medical missions to respond to immediate threats and bring to safety as many as possible. The Church’s network gives Caritas Damay an effective advantage.
  • REHABILITATION (POST-DISASTER) – Caritas Damayan assists rehabilitation of communities through livelihood trainings, providing microfinance and resettlement, and continuous debriefing and capacity building.

To particularly increase  the capacity at the community level the following activities are being implemented:

* Capacity Building
* Disaster Emergency Response (Relief and Medication )
* Post - Disaster Response (Rehabilitation )

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