Can of Charity

What is a Caritas Can of Charity?

The Can of Charity Project is exactly what it is—a can where you could drop your savings. We like calling our coinbanks “dropcans”, though, because we like encouraging our partners to drop both coins and bills in our cans.

The project is quite simple. We deploy our cans to partner establishments (e.g. groceries, banks, schools) and willing individuals.

For partner establishments, all we ask is that they place our cans in strategic spots so everyone who comes and goes in their office/store can easily drop their donations.

For individuals, we are hopeful that they would religiously “save” in our cans as if it were their very own alkansiya.

Once the dropcans are filled-up (usually in a span of 3 months or less, hopefully in a cycle of 4 times a year), our authorized representatives will retrieve and replace the cans.

Why should you be our Can of Charity Partner?

Simple. By being our Can of Charity partner, you’re helping us fund our pro-poor programs in the fields of health, livelihood, disaster risk reduction, restorative justice, and especially education. Aren’t you glad that the coins you drop in our cans help send our young scholars to school?

How much should the cans contain to make a difference?

Ideally, each dropcan should contain at least 300 pesos to make an impact in any of our pro-poor programs. To give you an idea, a can filled to the brim with 5 cent coins would only amount to Php 87.50.

This is the reason why we encourage our partners to drop both coins and bills in our cans.

And note that, yearly,we have 25,000 cans waiting to be filled-up!


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